Why I chose to have a first look

Why I chose to have a first look for my wedding and why it was even more perfect than I imagined?

The main reason I wanted to have a first look was to be able to spend more time with my hubby/then groom on my wedding day. Plain and simple.

But there were other very practical reasons that made my choice a really easy one, and made it easy to convince Michael!
The first look reduced some of the nervousness, but didn’t make it disappear, keeping thinks interesting!

Having the couple portraits before the ceremony allowed:
1. Having time with guest at the cocktail, and be able to enjoy the food, drinks and activities planned.
2. Have time to sit, eat and enjoy the food (which was FABULOUS by the way). Because most couples who have their photos taken after the ceremony feel obligate to go talk to the guests instead of eating their meal.
3. As a bonus, the hair and make-up stayed perfect for the photos

But most importantly it did not make the ceremony any less memorable and emotional! Instead, it allowed a relax atmosphere for portraits that we will cherish for ever.

Why should you do a first look too?
You will make you family happy (they will have more time for formals before and some special time with the couple), your guests happy (they will have face time with you right after the ceremony), your groom happy (as he will be able to have a cocktail, stuff some appetizers and chat with his mates), and you photographer happy!

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Photographer: Marie-P photographe
Venue: Ivy Lea Club
Dress designer: Lis Simon
Dress store: Christianne Brunelle Couture
Shoes: Nine West
Bridesmaids dresses: 1861
Bridesmaids and Best man gifts: Nordstrom
Groom suit, tie and shoes: Moores
Flowers: Michael’s cousin, Samantha Taylor
Hair and Makeup: Fossa Hair Studio
DJ: Sound On Sound Productions
Bridal pearl necklaces, bracelet and earrings: heirloom from grandmother

Why I chose to have a first look

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Why I chose to have a first look

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