Why a Hair & Makeup Trial is SO Important

As a bride, one of the things I was not convinced was important was a hair & makeup trial. Then I started thinking about it, and how my dad’s wife hated her hair at her wedding, even after a couple of trials, and that my sister-in-law cried at the make-up trial. It made me think that maybe it could be a good idea to have peace of mind and have a trial.

I am SO glad I did! My hair trial made me confident about my wedding day hair style, but I HATED my makeup trial! My foundation made my face SO pale that I looked dead, my false eyelashes looked fake and started falling off as soon as I was out of the salon, and the rest of my makeup was discrete and could not balance the rest. The makeup made me look UGLY, not a good feeling for my wedding day.

So I had a decision to make, either I had to find a new makeup artist and drive another 2 hours to get another makeup trial or keep my makeup artist and pinpoint exactly what I didn’t like and change it to have a great wedding day makeup. My family did both with mix results. My sister-in-law decided to change makeup artist and have another trial to make sure she liked her wedding day makeup. My step-mother had a few trials, but her hair dresser still didn’t listen to what she wanted, she stayed with him, and hated her wedding day hair.

I decided to keep the same person, since she was at the same studio as the lady that did the hair I loved. But I was clear and firm about what I did not like from the trial, making sure I liked my makeup and she ROCKED it!

Barnett Wedding Barnett Wedding Barnett Wedding

So moral of this story is 1) have hair & makeup trial and 2) if it doesn’t work for you either change professional or be very firm about what you didn’t like. Either way it is so important to be confident on your wedding day and hair & makeup you love is so important to make it happen!

What would you do if you had a hair & makeup disaster?



Photographer: Marie-P photographe
Venue: Ivy Lea Club
Dress designer: Lis Simon
Dress store: Christianne Brunelle Couture
Flowers: Michael’s cousin, Samantha Taylor
Bridal pearl necklaces, bracelet and earrings: heirloom from grandmother

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Why a Hair & Makeup Trial is SO Important

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Why a Hair & Makeup Trial is SO Important

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