Top 5 Tips for a Great Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

If you are newly engaged, one of the first thing you will want to do is wedding dress shopping for the dress of your dreams! I compiled 5 top tips from my experience in the wedding industry, dress shopping as a bride and as a friend of the bride. These tips will help you make the most of the experience and find your perfect dress.

In addition to dress shopping, other wedding tasks you will want to secure as soon as possible are choosing a date for your wedding, reserving a venue and finding the perfect wedding photographer to capture your day. I can help with the last one! Contact me if you want to discuss your wedding day vision.


5 Top Tips for a More Enjoyable and Stress Free Wedding Dress Shopping Experience!

When shopping to find the perfect wedding dress there are a few things to keep in mind to have the best experience possible.

One: Start early

Depending on the dress and designer, it can take up to 6-12 months between saying yes to the dress and having your dress delivered and altered. Starting shopping early is a good idea! But if you have a shorter engagement, there are stores which sell floor models. So even if you are in this situation, you can still find the dress of your dreams in time for your big day!

Two: Consider all expenses when establishing your budget

It is important to keep in mind the added expenses involved when you are establishing your attire budget. When you first get engaged, you may not realize that you will have to go to a tailor to have your dress altered after you receive it. You should also consider budgeting for accessories like a veil, sash and shoes. Although you may decide to forgo some of the above, you should definitely consider them when establishing your dress and attire budget.

Three: Be open minded when trying dresses

You may have a very specific idea in mind when you go dress shopping, but it is important to remain open minded and try many different styles to see what you like best on you. Most brides I have talked to were surprised how the dress they loved the most on them was not the style they previously loved.

Four: Make the most of the experience

Dress shopping is an experience! It is a good idea to make a day of it. A good way to do this is to go with the people closest to you. Consider only bringing people that are positive and encouraging.

Five: Take appointments early

Some bridal store get book quickly. It is particularly important to call to take appointments early if you have people coming from out of town and are not flexible with the day. It is a good idea to consider transportation time and lunch time when you are booking appointments back to back.


Top 5 Tips for a Great Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

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Top 5 Tips for a Great Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

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