Top 5 Save the Date Questions

1. Why sending save the dates?
Sending save the date is not mandatory, but can be really useful to give your guests a heads up, making it more likely for them to come. It is particularly useful when guests are coming from out of town, or when the wedding is scheduled on a holiday weekend or during a busy wedding season. It is always a good idea to give a heads up to the guests you cannot go without!

2. What information to include?
You should include the name of the bride and groom, the date, the venue (or city, or Country if it is a destination wedding), and any other information you wish to include, i.e., a wedding website link. It should also include a sentence explaining that a formal invitation will follow.

3. Who to send them to?
You can send your Save the dates to all your guests, or only a few key guests. Of note, the most important thing is that if you send someone a Save the date, you HAVE to also send them a wedding invitation.

4. Send by mail or electronically?
You can send the Save the dates by mail or electronically. Sending them by mail is a lot more time consuming, because every single envelope needs to be addressed. The price of printing, envelopes and stamps also needs to be taken into account.

Email save the dates are quite popular, as they are quicker and easier, allowing you to put more effort in the invites.

You can also do a hybrid, which is what we did, we sent the Save the date electronically to some international guests and also hand-delivered a paper version. It is all up to you and what you are looking for.

5. Photos or no photos?
Sending Save the dates is a great way to use some of the gorgeous engagement photos you had done. You can find many very pretty options, both for paper or electronic Save the dates.

Obviously you don’t HAVE to have any photo on your Save the date. There are many non-photo options that are also be very pretty. My heart was set on including photos, but my fiancé wasn’t keen, so we negotiated to have a wedding photo on the Thank You Cards instead.


Do you prefer receiving a save the date or do you think a wedding invitation is sufficient?

Top 5 Save the Date Questions

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Top 5 Save the Date Questions

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