Trina and John Major Hill Park Wedding Elopement

I met John and Trina in the lobby of the Chateau Laurier to photograph their wedding elopement in Major Hill Park. It was an intimate affair with only their children and their spouses as witnesses. The weather had been incertain all day, but we were really fortunate that the rain cloud mouved away and the sun came as they were saying I do.

After signing the paperwork, we walked from Chateau Cartier to Major Hill Park where Keith, the officiant, married them. The ceremony was short and heartfelt with a lot of laughter. I don’t think I have met a group of people happier and more joyful than Trina, John and their family. The funniest moment was as they were about to say I do, a group of punks with Mohawk walked just behind the officiant making everyone laugh! After they passed, Trina and John were able to say I do with their favourite people as witnesses and the Parliament buildings in the background.

Following the wedding elopement ceremony, we walked in the park to take family and bride and groom portraits. Being such a small group you could really see the connection and happiness between the adult childrend and the bride and groom.

I particularly loved the little toddler that was passed from arm to arm. He was the cutest and happiest baby! Although he did not like to look at the camera, I love all the little faces he made. Another of my favourite thing about this elopement is her dress!!! Can we talk about this gorgeous gold dress for a minute? As much as I LOVE white wedding dresses and everything they represent, I absolutely love this gold dress! I know coloured wedding dresses is not for everyone, so brides, consider wearing a gold dress for your engagement session or as bridesmaid dresses!
Trina and John Major Hill Park Wedding Elopement

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Trina and John Major Hill Park Wedding Elopement

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