Infused Water

During outdoor summer ceremony and cocktail hour, it is a must to keep your guests (and yourself) hydrated. A great way to do so is to serve fruit infused water in large beverage dispensers. In addition to being pretty, it is quite practical and flavourful!


You can find the beverage dispensers in many stores and grocery stores. Many venues also have some that they will setup for you.

What is great with flavour water is that the possibilities are endless and it is such a nice touch on a hot summer day!

Here are some fun flavour combinations to get your juices flowing (pun intended).

– Classic lemon-lime
– Grape, strawberry and lime
– Strawberry, lemon and basil
– Raspberry, cucumber, lime and mint
– Blueberry and lavender

What is your favourite flavour combo?

Charlie-Barnett-Photography-Flavoured-Water_0002 Charlie-Barnett-Photography-Flavoured-Water_0003


Infused Water

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Infused Water

Summer 2016

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