Hong Kong Trip

I can’t believe I just came back from a great trip to China and Hong Kong! It was great to cross something from my list and exploring wonderful new places! But above all, it was great to visit my awesome niece and nephew! The more they grow up, the more brilliant they become and it was definitely a nice treat to be able to spend some quality time with them! My Hong Kong experience was probably very different than anybody else, although I visited some sights, half of my time was spent on school runs, netball and rugby watching, and helping with homework. and. I. loved. it!


Shanghai was also pretty nice, I loved the view of the Bund at night!

Shanghai-Bund-at-night-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Shanghai-Bund-at-night-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Shanghai-Bund-Charlie-Barnett-Photography

My Hong Kong trip was filled with great sightseeing, wonderful views and a lot exploring. The thing I liked the most about Hong Kong, beside the kids, was that it was SO different than I imagined. I was picturing only a big city, but Hong Kong is so much more! You have great hiking paths with amazing view, beaches, cool beach cafes and restaurants, jungles, island and so much more!! I love the Big Buddha and the journey in cable-car to get there, with amazing views of lush jungles with waterfalls and hiking trails. I must see I would say. The kids loved the see-through floor of our cable-car and the 3D movie on the Big Buddha and surrounding island.

Hong-Kong-Markets-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-Markets-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-Dragonboat-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-beach-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-beach-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-Boats-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-big-buddha-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-big-buddha-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-big-buddha-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-big-buddha-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-Charlie-Barnett-Photography


Another highlight was the Victoria Peak and how it is much more that the best view of the city, but also has a great hiking trail that allows you to get many peekaboo view of the city below. The view from the restaurant on the Peak was pretty amazing, the best I have seen by far! And the fun Mojito with chili pepper was pretty fun!

2016-03-07_0018 Hong-Kong-Victoria-Peak-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Charlie-Barnett-Photography-TravelingBarnett Hong-Kong-Victoria-Peak-Charlie-Barnett-Photography Hong-Kong-Victoria-Peak-restaurant-Charlie-Barnett-Photography

Finally, I couldn’t help myself and took a bunch of selfies with the family in gorgeous places! Isn’t it what holidays are all about?

Charlie-Barnett-Photography-TravelingBarnett Charlie-Barnett-Photography-TravelingBarnett Charlie-Barnett-Photography-TravelingBarnett

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Hong Kong Trip

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Hong Kong Trip

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