Flying to Turkey


After spending an impressive number of hours researching flights, hotels and activities, I’m flying to Turkey TODAY!!! I wasn’t expecting going to Turkey when I wrote my list of goals for the next 10 years, even if it was only a month ago! Turkey was definitively not the country in Asia I had in mind when I wished to visit Asia in the next decade! I always viewed Turkey more as a Western country than an Asian one. I guess that a small part of the country does belong to Europe probably had something to do with it! So I’ll keep Asia on my wish list in the hope of visiting a more Eastern country!

It will be the first time that I travel to a country that the language is truly foreign to me. I traveled to countries that speak English, French and Spanish before, but I had at least some knowledge of all these languages. This will definitively be an interesting and challenging part of my journey! I am also looking forward to trying the Turkish coffee, the food and the Turkish baths. I have no idea what to expect ant and it make the trip even more exciting.

I will be instagraming during my trip, so make sure you follow @charliebarnettphoto. I will also be blogging my Instagram photos next week and blogging the whole trip the following week!

I can hardly wait to start photographing this new adventure!

Flying to Turkey

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Flying to Turkey

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