Five Reasons to Travel Carry on Only

I’m a bit late on my blogging schedule, but blogging on the go was definitely more challenging than expected! So as a bonus for your patience, I’m throwing in a pretty sunset iPhone photos from this afternoon!

1-Rise in fees

I think this is the most popular reason for traveling carry on only. 

In the last few years, someone genius though that airlines could make an absolute fortune if they start charging extra for check luggage. Traveling carry on only is a good way to avoid those, but there are four other reasons why I travel carry on even when a check luggage is included. 

2-No one goes through your stuff. 

Every time I check luggage I worry that someone would go through it and I would be missing key things when I arrive. Not that I check any valuables or anything, but I prefer to know who goes through my luggage.  

3-your luggage will arrive at destination. 

I never had luggage issue, but I have heard many stories of late/missing luggage. I don’t need this stress in my life, so having my luggage in the cabin is key!

4-you have your things if you need to freshen up during/between long flights.

Long flights are brutal! You try to sleep, but can’t really recover from the time difference. Then you leave the plane, your mascara has leaked, your skin is dry and you don’t feel at your best. By bringing a carry on on the plane you have all your liquids with you and can remove and replace your mascara, apply hydrating cream and make sure you are ready to take on the day, even if you are jet lag and tired. 

5-help carrying my purse effortlessly!

My purse is healthy in the best of times! But when I travel it becomes my everything bag and becomes two to three times heavier. With my carry on luggage on wheels, I can put my purse on the handle and pull both around, ensuring I make my connections effortlessly. 


Five Reasons to Travel Carry on Only

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Five Reasons to Travel Carry on Only

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