Emily and Sean Hardy Park Brockville Engagement

I met Emily and Sean at Hardy Park on the shore of the St Lawrence River in Brockville, Ontario, to photograph their engagement session. I love Brockville! When we got married in the Thousand Islands, we told our guest to drive through the historic town, instead of driving past it on the 401. Every time we went to visit our wedding venue, we would treat ourselves to a drive down Brockville’s main street.

Emily and Sean met in Brockville when Sean was visiting from Edmonton with a broken collar bone. They had many friends in common, but it is not until Sean spent more time hanging out with Emily’s brother, that they started seeing each other. Six months later, when Sean’s arm was better and it was time for him to return to Edmonton, Emily just had to follow him there! A few years later… he proposed at a top of a mountain by a waterfall in Banff!

They are getting married this August at Sean’s family cottage near Brockville. It has been Sean’s favourite place his whole life, and the setup is perfect for a wedding and they couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding and see their cottage by the lake all wedding ready!

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Emily and Sean Hardy Park Brockville Engagement

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Emily and Sean Hardy Park Brockville Engagement

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