Emily and Sean Cottage Wedding in Lyndhurst Ontario

Emily and Sean got married at his family cottage. They always knew that’s where they would tie the knot one day! Emily got ready at a friend’s cottage on one side of the lake, while Sean got ready with his boys across the lake.

Their wedding ceremony was so sweet. The boys arrived to the ceremony by boat and they said I do on their neighbour’s dock in front of their dearest friends and family.

I love how Emily has the most genuine expressions and is always smiling! It really makes photographing their wedding day a treat for me!

After the ceremony, we all boarded boats and when to an island nearby to photograph the wedding party and the bride and groom portraits.

But the amount of details that went into their reception site was unexpected! I loved the tented dinner space as well as the separate stage and bar which have been a permanent feature for some time now. I fully understand why they chose to get married in Lyndhurst, Ontario, even if most guests were traveling from Brockville.

Wedding-Dress-Nautical-Brockville-Wedding_0001 Bride-bridesmaids-robe-Brockville-Wedding_0003 Bride-bridesmaids-robe-Brockville-Wedding_0004 Bride-Putting-Dress-On-Brockville-Wedding_0005 Groom-Getting-Ready-Brockville-Wedding_0026 Ceremony-Brockville-Wedding_0027 Bride-Ceremony-Brockville-Wedding_0006 Bride-Walking-down-the-aisle-Brockville-Wedding_0007 Bride-and-Groom-Ceremony-Brockville-Wedding_0008 Bride-and-Groom-Ceremony-Brockville-Wedding_0009 Bride-and-Groom-Ceremony-Brockville-Wedding_0010 Bride-and-Groom-Ceremony-First-Kiss-Brockville-Wedding_0011 Bride-and-Groom-Ceremony-Brockville-Wedding_0012 Bride-Ceremony-Brockville-Wedding_0013 Bride-and-Groom-Family-portrait-Brockville-Wedding_0014 Family-portrait-Brockville-Wedding_0015 Wedding-Party-Brockville-Wedding_0016 Wedding-party-boat-Brockville-Wedding_0029 Wedding-party-Bride-and-groom-Brockville-Wedding_0017 Wedding-party-Brockville-Wedding_0018 Bride-and-groom-twirl-Brockville-Wedding_0019 Bride-and-Groom-Brockville-Wedding_0020 Bride-and-bridesmaids-yellow-dresses-Brockville-Wedding_0021 Bride-and-groom-Brockville-Wedding_0022 Bride-and-Groom-Brockville-Wedding_0023 Tent-reception-venue-Brockville-Wedding_0028 Speaches-married-Brockville-Wedding_0024 first-dance-Brockville-Wedding_0025

Emily and Sean, thank you for being so genuinely happy and for the love you extended to your friends and family on your wedding day. You guys are amazing!

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Emily and Sean Cottage Wedding in Lyndhurst Ontario

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Emily and Sean Cottage Wedding in Lyndhurst Ontario

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