China Trip

Hangzhou China Trip

I have waited too long to blog my latest trip! I have been back since September, but I have struggled to write this blog story. My brother is currently visiting Japan, so I thought I should make an effort and post some of the photos from my trip.

I visited Hangzhou, for which the saying is “Paradise in Heaven; Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth”. I spent a fair amount of my time by the West Lake, and loved my time exploring the Yellow Dragon Cave. I was also able to bike around and explore a different lake just outside of town with many nice bridges. This was my second time in China this year and I really enjoyed the food and the weather. I loved walking around, photographing the scenery and taking it all in.

men-fishing-boat lotus-flower-lake-view lake-with-montains Lotus-flower-temple temples-by-water boudha-outdoor-theater chinese-garden bridge-lotus-flower mini-boats costa-cafe lotus-flower-bridge pink-bicycle-chinese-gate boat-on-a-lake lake-long-bridge-boat lake-bicycle-temple chinese-bridge-in-forest bridge-lake-lotus-flowersHangzhou West Lake

One day, I was walking around the West Lake, it was at least 35 degrees and very humid, I was looking for something to drink and I stopped at the prettiest Starbucks ever to drink the best peach ice tea I have ever had. It was so yummy with pieces of peach at the bottom and enough ice to cool you off on a nice warm day.

After walking for a couple of hours, I turn around and it started to downpour. I was so lucky to be walking under the only covered area just as it did. I stayed under the covered area with a handful of construction guys while the storm was raging outside. I did not bring my umbrella and did not want my camera to get wet. As soon was the rain slowdown a little, I started to run, sheltering my camera bag as well as possible. Only a couple of minutes after, there was a small stand selling souvenirs and umbrellas! Let just say that I now have a nice souvenir umbrella from a great day in China!!

Since I have been to Asia four times within a year, I don’t think I with be returning in the near future. So in the meantime, enjoy some of the photos from my trip.

China Trip

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China Trip

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